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[NEWS] CN Blue’s Jonghyun interviewed about his humorous birthday gifts from SHINee’s Jonghyun

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Interview segments not referencing Jjong have been omitted.

EG: Seems that you are very close to singer SHINee’s Jonghyun? I saw the recent Diablo 3 incident on twitter. Haha
A: Ahhh, (Seems like the memory of this incident caused him to burst out into laughter and used his hand to pat his forehead) My manager told me on the eve of my birthday that Jonghyun tweeted something funny, so I called him. He said he has bought ‘Diablo 3′ for my birthday and will pass it to me tomorrow. I thought it is real and thank him and told him that I have stopped gaming recently as I am too busy with my work. And now, what should I do with his gift.
Yet when I opened the package, it turned out to be glutinous rice pie. (EG: Is the wrapper Jonghyun’s poster?)Yes, I questioned if he was joking with me and wanted to crush that wrapper and it turned out to be his poster. However, he really bought it online and gave it to me.

EG: Are you two close because you have the same name?
A: I guess this should be the main reason. I found out later that he is a friend of my friend. We have bumped to each other during schedules but still not really close. After that my friend called and asked whether we are close. I was afraid that if I have said that we are close, it may be awkward and I replied,’ not very close’ After that Jonghyun called immediately and shouted, ‘Yah, we are not close? I replied,’ Ah, okay, we are close.’ Then he replied,’ Not okay, we are not close at all!’ He is really funny and like to joke around, but when he comes to singing, he will sing earnestly. We become closer when we chatted about music as he was previously in band as well.

Translated by: Huangyu@cnbluestorm
Shared by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net