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[News] Lee Hyori Becomes Astonished by SHINee Minho’s Beauty

Lee Hyori couldn’t save her compliments for SHINee Minho’s beauty. Lee Hyori, who’s known for her own beauty as well, just couldn’t keep her eyes off of Minho.

The place where the two stars met was on SBS’ You and I on August 19, when SHINee appeared as guests. Minho was not present due to a shoot for To the Beautiful You..

However, Minho arrived unexpectedly, with everyone welcoming him warmly. He had rushed to You and Iafter his drama shooting concluded.

Lee Hyori, who hosts the show, was especially welcoming and couldn’t stop being amazed by seeing him in person.

“He looks like a romantic character from a comic book novel. I don’t know how a boy can look so pretty,” said the singer about Minho.

Coincidently, Minho is currently filming a drama that is based on a romance comic book series.

After hearing the compliments, Minho looked bashful and talked a little about the drama shooting.

“I think it’s a bit difficult,” said Minho.

But his fellow member, Jonghyun, said, “He’s studying so hard that the script is always in his hand. I hope that the results will be as good as the amount of effort he’s putting.

Meanwhile, A Beautiful You starring Minho and f(x)’s Sulli, is about a girl who dresses as a boy and enters an all-male athletics school to support an athlete. The first episode premiered on August 15.

Photo Credit: SBS.
Source: enewsWorld | Ko Hong Ju, Grace Danbi Hong

via: germx @ soompi