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[News] Minho and Z:EA’s Dongjun to finally go head-to-head in the ‘Idol Star Olympics’!

The well-known all-around ‘athlete-idols’, SHINee‘s Minho and Z:EA‘s Dongjun, will finally be going head to head in the MBC‘s ‘Idol Star Olympics‘!

The ‘Idol Star Olympics’ being held in commemoration of the 2012 London Olympics (normally called ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’), will finally decide for once and for all the champion of the 110 meter hurdle event

Minho took the gold medal in the first and second ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’ games, rising up as the powerhouse athlete to beat. However, he was unable to take the gold for the 3rd consecutive year unable to surpass rising star Dongjun’s stellar performance. With Minho’s absence in the next competition as well, Dongjun has currently risen to the top.

After taking the gold during the most recent ‘New Year special‘ of ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’s hurdle event, Dongjun expressed, “I’m disappointed that SHINee’s Minho couldn’t be here. I think next time he and I are going to have to finish this once and for all. Minho! Let’s duke it out!

No different than previous years’, the two idol stars brought their competitive spirits and fought for the first place spot in this year’s competition.

Catch the ‘Idol Star Olympics’ airing this week to cheer on your favorite idols and to find out who takes the gold!

Source: DailyEconomics via Naver

via: allkpop