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[News/Info] SHINee discusses about sleeping habits, cooking skills and more!

Read the short interview of SHINee during the Japan Arena Tour Special Broadcast.
Who has the worst sleeping habits?
All: Minho! Even when he’s asleep, he seems to be fighting with someone in his dreams! And he talks a lot in his sleep!
Taemin: Even though other members also talk in their sleep, Minho’s seems to be very anxious and intense.
Minho: Really?
Jonghyun: Because I sleep in the same room as Minho in the dorm and we regularly stay together in hotels as well, so I know~
Minho: What does it feel like? Because I don’t know, so tell me.
Jonghyun: Very agitated! On the bed. (Body keeps moving). And even though you usually don’t speak in honorifics to me, but when we first wake up and I say “Minho ah! Hurry and get up! Quickly go wash your face!” Minho will say “Okay, I know, I’m going now.” and suddenly speak very politely to me.

Who is the best at cooking?
Key, when someone else is making the food, he will stand there and nag because he is SHINee’s mum.
Key: I don’t nag that much!
All members shake their heads.
Key: Why can’t I be a dad? Why always a mum!
Minho: Because a mum suits you more (All members agree)
Key: Although I love to eat, but I don’t even know if the food I cook turns out well.

If Key is the mum, who is the dad?
Jonghyun: (softly) not good
Key: (points to Taemin) Definitely not you!
Taemin: Why not? I want to be a dad!
Key: Ah, must we come to a decision?!
Yes, you must decide on one.
Key: OnJongMin.

Who has the messiest bedroom?
Taemin. It feels as if he goes to rest or play games after he comes home.
Jonghyun: I think more than anything, he plays.
Taemin: (about Key being angry) That’s true.
Key: I’ve scolded him before, because I shared a room with him in the hotel.
Key: I like to hang my clothes but it became troublesome so I became “Taemin-fied”
Jonghyun: Now, Key’s room is unbelievable.
Taemin: My way is not that bad right?

KR/JP – Chi Translations: Mr.Minho
Chi- Eng Translations: teresakoh @ shiningshawols.com

via: dkpopnews