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[Script] Transcript of SHINee @ HIT FM 120617

Key: He(She) had double eyelid surgery (in Mandarin)

DJ: Why did you learn this sentence?

Key: Because one of the staff did double eyelid surgery……I know this sentence in 4 languages…… (He then went on to say it in all 4 languages)

DJ: Taemin’s hair became longer for this image, does Taemin like this feeling?

Taemin: Not bad.

DJ: What about the others?

Key: Because did it before so it’s still not bad, but it’s still a bit hard to fully accept it.

DJ: Use an aegyo way to greet your fans (after a round of guessing fist game, Key lost)

Key (in super aegyo voice) I love you I am KEY~~~~~~~~

Fan: The dormitory room arrangements have changed right? Any interesting incidents?

Jonghyun: Watching television programs, playing games, very interesting to spend every day…….

Fan: Who is co-sharing a room?

Jonghyun: Jonghyun and Taemin, Key, Minho and Onew are in separate rooms.

DJ: Any interesting incidents between Jonghyun and Taemin?

Taemin: No.

DJ: Any snoring?

SHINee: Unless too exhausted, otherwise no snoring.

DJ: What have you eaten in your busy schedule?

Onew: Will have bubble tea whenever we are here.

Taemin: Love xiaolongbao.

DJ: How many would you normally have?

Taemin: about 3 steamers…….

Fan: If one day all of you have supernatural powers, what would you want to do?

Jonghyun: Teleporting.

DJ: Where to?

Jonghyun: Because it is a waste of time to take planes due to performances, if with the ability of teleporting we can meet the fans faster.

Taemin: Ability to read minds.

DJ: Won’t you be troubled?

Taemin: I want to know others’ secrets.

Key: To be able to fly in the sky.

DJ: Fly to?

Key: No particular destination….

Onew: The ability to absorb fast.

DJ: To be smarter?

Onew: Yes.

DJ: Or to immediately absorb after having fried chicken?

Onew: That is immediate digestion……

Onew did his Donald Duck impersonation for a fan.

Onew: Where were you earlier?

Fan: I’m at home.

Onew: Then why couldn’t get through the phone? Was a bit worried that you are uncontactable and feeling very hurt.

Fan: I was very worried too.

DJ: Sound like a lover’s conversation.

Onew: Then annyeong………

Fan: If you are not SHINee, what would you be doing?

Taemin: Want to be an university student, to join society groups in the university, to study hard?

Onew: At this time should be having a meal….

Jonghyun: To be walking around Myeongdong with friends.

DJ: The fan should be asking about your occupations.

Key: For me, is to be an overseas student.

DJ: To which country?

Key: United Kingdom.

DJ: To be a rocker?

Key: Yes~

DJ: Finally please say something to the fans.

Onew: Here again in Taiwan after a week, hopefully we can meet up more often.

Jonghyun: Been very happy to be able to meet everyone, hopefully we can meet up with all of you more often.

Taemin: Hope to bring more performances when we are here for our next visit.

Key: It has been an enjoyable time today, hopefully we will also have more opportunity to meet the fans up close the next time, thank you everyone.

Source: cher5538
Translation: eimanjjong