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[Trans Part 4] SHINee – Live Chat Session 120511

34:50 – 44:30 QnA and Message Session.

MC : Next we will read out the questions and messages for each member we have collected for this show.

Q1. Anticipating 24 June’s Yoyogi – 11 Year old Girl

SHINee : Looks like she’s going for our concert. Thank you for coming.

Q2. Please hush a secret to me in front of the camera!

MC : Please! She’s watching it now.
Key : Starting from me? “Aimini coopereru” (I Love You)
Minho : “Saranghamnida” (I Love You)
Taemin : (pronounced the sender’s name wrongly!) Sorry ^^;;; XXXX (name)… (S/N : everyone was anticipating what he is going to say next.. but he just stopped there)
Jonghyun : Sit here!
Onew : HAAAAAAHHHH *breathes out deeply*
MC : You must be spreading the garlic smile after eating dumplng right! Onew you did this to yourself, please reflect!
MC : Onew-goon..
SHINee :… OUT!!
Onew : I’m going to cry
MC : I think we should be the ones to cry! Onew, you are the leader!

Q3. (did not catch the question)

Jonghyun : (some) ham… we know!
Minho : (In Korean)It is really famous in Korea
MC : I must try it once

Q4. There is sports day on Sunday, how should I do to keep up my energy – 13 year old girl

MC : Do you work out / exercise usually?
Taemin & Key : (Mumbles something but was not translated)
Key : (In korean) We exercise everyday and eat the specialty products from each region.
Jonghyun : (In korean)And not to be picky with food etc..
Onew : Yes.
Everyone : ahahhahaha
MC : Onew has (gag) sense!

Q4 : Please do a “All the best” hand gesture!

MC : Let’s do it in front of the camera then.
Key : Fighto!
Minho : Hwaiting!
Taemin : Hwaiting!
Jonghyun : Hwaiting!
Onew : Hwaiting!
SHINee : OUT!!!
Onew : Why!!??
MC : Taemin got a shock just now! (by Minho’s boxing gesture)

Q5 : I want to become like SHINee who can sing and dance – 15 year old girl

MC : The girls is in Senior high and is doing music, wanting to form a band with her friends. What is the most important when making music?
Jonghyun : Heart.
MC : Woah. one-word answer
(Key’s maniac laughter hahahahha!!)
MC : Key, your laughter is a little exaggerated isnt it?
Jonghyun : Are you doubting/ “looking down”  my heart?
Key : This is not even a drama!! HAHA!
MC : It’s like the innocent thoughts in a drama. How do you feel then, key?
Key : Just enjoy. Just enjoy that moment.
MC : What do you think about it, Minho?
Minho : (In Korean) Interest is really important.
MC : Taemin?
Taemin : (In Korean) My answer is quite similar. That is being able to effectively relate the emotions of the music.
MC : Wow that is well said. Jonghyun’s “Heart”.. then what about Onew?
Onew : Body, then. Heart and Body as one is the best combination.
Jonghyun : To be healthy is the most important.
Onew : That is to be healthy, and enjoy making music!

Q7 : After going to Fukuoka and Nagoya’s concert, I am really happy and touched.. There will be other concerts next, please take care of your body/health! – 37 Year old fan

SHINee : Thank You!

Q8 : I am SHINee’s Loyal fan. I listen to SHINee everyday. Please continue to work hard. I will always support you – 18 year old fanboy

SHINee : Thank You!
(OnJongkey gave 90degree bow)

Q9 : 2012 SHINee’s the best. I went to 6 concerts in total. and will go for 26 and 27th one too! Sherlock’s Japanese version is really nice to hear too, and I already know how to sing it! It’s so hard to wait for a CD. Please come to _____ too! – 20 year old girl

MC : SHe already knows how to sing. That is quite a feat!
SHINee : *stunned*


MC : Let’s have a performance! Key is good at it right? and Taemin. Two of you please perform the best part (of the dance). This small space can be extended
Jonghyun : On top of this (table)? This is the stage.
Key : Let’s do it together.. together.. which part of Sherlock would be the best/
MC : Any part will do


MC : When did everyone start dancing?
Taemin : From young.
Jonghyun : Young, from elementary school (points at Taemin)
MC : That’s amazing
Jonghyun : No..
MC : Too modest. How about Onew’s dancing?
Jonghyun : NOT BAD! That’s right! Genius!
MC : Please do a solo!
Jonghyun : Have never seen Onew’s (dance) solo!
MC : Maybe unexpectedly Onew has one
Onew : Freestyle then.
MC : After dancing, please do a gag to conclude
Translator : Onew has the nickname of “Dancing King”
MC : Your voice is really pleasant!!

(Talks about some contest..)


MC : SO SO SO.. we have recorded around 1 hour. How does everyone feel right now?
Jonghyun : really interesting
Taemin : Really happy
Minho : Awesome
Key : Really happy, hope we can record more shows like this in the future
Onew : (In Korean) Even though I was almost “OUT” a few times but I am really happy
Translator : I have to correct him – It’s not “almost” but you were really OUT.
Onew : *SHOCKED*
MC : I had a great time too! This is the end of the show!
SHINee : Thank you!!


Source : CHANNEL // JP-CHI : Hello Jonghyun (www.hellohyun.com) // CHI-ENG + Image : soundtracklove@soompi (do not hotlink)