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SHINee Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung Big Surprise

Singapore – The headline news that shook the Hallyu pop culture earlier this morning released by Sports Seoul, where they confirmed that idol boyband member SHINee Jongyhun and actress Shin Se Kyung, both the same age are dating.

This news is one of the very few declarations around the topic of dating by the hottest Korean stars, last by Se7en where earlier in the year, after 7 years of denying, finally confessed that he is dating Park Han Byul.

This news was truly a big surprise to many fans around the world and has been the top TT (Trending Topics) in Twitter throughout the dayunder the tags #JongKyung or Se Kyung for the whole day and still is in a lower rank by now. Fans gave in their reactions and comments, half supporting and half being the antis where by afternoon, Shin Se Kyung closed down her Minihompy due to the stream of comments left by netizens.

The news really gives mix feelings: a group of fans showed their rational sense that ‘they’re just humans and have right to be dating or do whatever they want’ while the other despises, especially towards the girl saying ‘who do you think you are that you can date our SHINee oppa’. With many heartstricken girl fans, there’s only one question to ponder left: Why did both Entertainments actually confirms to the news?

First, let’s consider Jonghyun being an idol star. As most of us may know, idols have the inhuman contract by not being able to have such relationships, especially a confirmed one. As idols are young, images are very important to build their fan base, and the best way to add fans is to let them stay single, where most fans being girls will keep on having their daydreams and makes turnover sales high in whatever the boyband releases, whether albums or merchandise.

Second, this is the SM Entertainment we know. Or now, we don’t know. Do they now let their young hottest idol prodigy dates? And the most amazing thing is that they actually did not deny about the news. Am I sensing here that since they’re afraid to loose another money machine group to withdraw, they created a more human-friendly contract to let our idols live – at least – like humans?

Now we know who that peace sign goes to when Jonghyun sings the chorus in ‘Hello’ the past month.

But not to worry, so far as speculation goes, SHINee Key’s peace sign is still legit to be called ours. Locket’s, still unlock your hearts as our Key is still somewhere out there!

Congratulations and best wishes to the newly made couple! Jonghyun is truly showing his manly side by carrying her bag and even holding her phone so she can talk with ease. Can’t we all agree that this match is made in heaven as this mutual he likes her likes him makes them both shine and smile so beautifully/handsomely?

Written by Elizabeth Raisa / Associate Writer