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[News] MBLAQ G.O. reveals his affection for Shin Min Ah!!

MBLAQ recently participated in a recording of the JTBC program ‘Park Kyung Lim‘s Oh! Happy Day,’ in which the members revealed difficulties they had during their trainee days along with other personal anecdotes. This will be the first time since MBLAQ’s debut that all five members appear on a talk show together. Check out some of their key talking points below for more juicy details!

  • Cheondoong wanted to quit because of Seungho

Cheondoong (aka Thunder) expressed the hardships that he felt when he first joined the group.

Cheondoong used to live with his family in the Philippines, but in order to become a singer, he moved to Korea and was the last member to join MBLAQ. He related his feelings at the time,

“When I joined MBLAQ, I was very unfamiliar with Korea and Korean culture.”

Among the members, the person who gave him the hardest time was Seungho.

“In the Philippines, there is no separation between older and younger males (hyung-dongsaeng relationships), so I did no know much about that. Seungho was extremely strict and would treat us according to age as if we were in the military. Hyung took advantage of his rank, and on the first day of training, he took away my tracksuit.”

Lee Joon added,

“Cheondoong was really scared of Seungho hyung. And so, every morning at the crack of dawn, he would complain that he couldn’t do it anymore.”


  • Lee Joon worries about becoming a ‘muscle idiot’

MBLAQ member Lee Joon shared his concerns about the ‘idiot-dol’ image of his.

“Making appearances for my artistic talents has become the cause of my stress. Whenever I’m supposed to bring my talent out, the ‘muscle idiot’ that is me gets modified and the ‘idiot-dol’ emerges. Upon my introduction, I already feel like an idiot. Because of my idiot image, I am stiff with fear to go forth when it’s time for me to perform, as people do not take me seriously, and it always worries my mother.”

Lee Joon then showed that he aspires to expand his range to include ‘idiot-dol’ and ‘acting-dol.’ He joked that the reason that his idiot image was formed in the first place was that he would often move his mouth first rather than his brain and thus such talents emerged.


  • Rain’s rigorous training methods

The MBLAQ members exposed the harsh training process that their mentor Rain put them through before their debut to teach the group the price of fame.

The members stated,

“During those days and even now, we cannot keep up with Rain sunbaenim’s strength and spirit.”

G.O. revealed,

“One day, during the 14-15 hours of training, we could not even take a drink of water.”

Seungho added,

“However, Rain sunbaenim also danced with us during these hours and did not drink water, so we could not complain about it.”

The members continued to give information from their training days, including the fact that even during the summer days, they did not turn on the air conditioning. G.O. jokingly added,

“I think sunbae has a lot of water in his body.”



  • G.O. reveals his affection for Shin Min Ah

When MBLAQ was asked who had had the most romances, G.O. responded without hesitation.

“From my early childhood until now, I think I’ve had about 20 romances.”

When asked about his ideal type, he earnestly replied,

“I don’t have an ideal type. If we love each other, it’s good enough.”

However, when they began to play the ideal type World Cup game, G.O. unexpectedly did a complete 180 and changed his response. As the recently popular actresses Shin Se Kyung, Lee Min Jung and Shin Min Ah and the active popular girl group members Yoona, Suzy and IU had their names called out one after the other to go head-to-head in G.O.’s ideal type World Cup tournament, G.O. astonished everyone as he chose each person without a moment of hesitation.

Going into the finals of the World Cup, MC Park Kyung Lim remarked,

“This is the first time the ideal type World Cup has moved so quickly. Even Yang Dong Geun spent 30 minutes contemplating over the finals.”

When faced with having to pick between Suzy and Shin Min Ah, he easily chose Shin Min Ah. Despite the hoots that he was getting from his surroundings, G.O. firmly stated,

“Not my ideal type but I welcome this person. I like a lovely and innocent person.”



  • MBLAQ’s shocking revelation: Who watches porn?

When faced with the question of “Who watches porn the most?“, the members pointed out G.O. as the porn enthusiast and revealed that he has a porn-only laptop.

G.O. responded,

“I don’t know about other people, but it’s unfair that Lee Joon called me out. Lee Joon asked me to put porn on his MP3 player.”

MC Park Kyung Lim picked up on this comment and said,

“I would think that Lee Joon was listening to lots of music at this time, but really it’s porn.”

Lee Joon jokingly added,

“G.O. provides the members with porn according to their personal preferences.”



  • Cheondoong is a cut above Lee Joon

When asked, “Who is the most narcissistic?“, MBLAQ member Mir gave the title to Cheondoong and hinted that Cheondoong is quite confident about his body.

“These days, when he is exercising, Cheondoong will touch his stomach again and again.”

Lee Joon added,

“While Cheondoong repeatedly compares himself and me, he tells hyung that now is his time”

The MC then demanded that his abs get shown, but an embarrassed Cheondoong blushed and denied the request. Eventually, he came around and revealed his smooth chocolate abs, receiving enthusiastic cheers all around.

More stories can be seen on the March 19th broadcast of ‘Park Kyung Lim’s Oh! Happy Day’ that airs at 9:40 AM KST.



Source: TVReport