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Shin Min Ah Fans Project for Arang!

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  2. Also we have made a tutorial : How to donate to SMA Fans Project for Arang with Paypal
  3. We’ll continue updating: [Fans Project 2012] List of Donors + news  with the news about fans project and list of donors ASAP (if its possible everyday)…
  4. If you have any question email us at: smainternationalfans@gmail.com and comment here.
  5. Don’t forget to spread this everywhere.


This is a very special fans project because all of the fans in the world are participating, including korean fans. Thanks to Kay.z from Minajjang Official Fancafe and LegendSoul who is also a member from fancafe staff who has helped in all of this. Also thanks to Fang from DCMina, who also is an important part in this project:).

We are very exciting since is the first time we are doing a big project like this, and it is a great honour for us to count with Minah big korean fans participation on the project. Korean and overseas fans, we are a big family that want to show all of their love and support for Minah.

Like overseas fans, we will show our support to Mina collecting money and sending it to our fellow korean fans who will make this event reality giving gifts to Minah and ARANG staff.

The gifts that will be sent to Mina depends on the totally of the money collected. So we really hope that many fans – all of you- participate  in the project. You can send the money that you can, any amount will be really appreciated. Hope all the Mina fanclubs in the world could participate in this :) . You can collect all the money on your fanclub and then send to this fans project’s paypal account, or send here first, just these are suggestions.


We are so grateful with Minajjang fancafe that give us a solution -like we all are so far from Korea- and have create an account on PAYPAL when all the fans in the world can contribute!


you can donate right now! <3

for more info about the donation process : http://smainternationalfans.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/shin-min-ah-international-fans-project-for-arang/



source : smainternationalfans