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Sistar’s Bora surprises her fans: “All members walk around nude in the dorm”

Sistar’s Bora surprises her fans by saying, “All members walk around nude in the dorm.”

On January 17 at 11:15 p.m., SBS’s Strong Heart airs a special feature for Lunar New Year with the title of “Strong Heart Special Feature With Couples.” In the episode, Bora shares some stories living in a dormitory and surprises the cast by saying, “All Sistar’s members don’t wear clothes in the dorm.

After the shower, we often come out of the bathroom all nude. Our dorm is known as off-limits to men because we don’t even allow our managers to get in. But there was one person who visited our dorm, and that person happens to be a male ‘idol’ singer,” creating a stir among other guests at the set.

The episode covers stories of many other entertainers that appear as a couple: Seo Joon Young with Bora, Heo Cham with Jung So Nyeo, Go Eun Ah with MBLAQ’s Mir as brothers and sisters, Kim Min Hee with Ahn Jeong Hoon as a couple of famous child actors, Goo Eun Ae with Kang Seung Hyun as a couple of models, and Ahn Sun Young with her mother.