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SISTAR reveals their standards for their ideal men

Girl group SISTAR recently guested on SBS Power FM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘, where they charmed listeners with their straightforward and refreshing chats.

DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked, “Aren’t there a lot of male celebrities who pick the SISTAR members as their ideal women?“. Hyorin then answered modestly, “We would be honored if any male celebrities thought of SISTAR as their ideal type“.

When asked about their ideal man, Dasom jokingly answered, “I don’t really go for looks. I like plain looking guys; someone like Daniel Henney?

Dasom’s playful response inspired the other members to give witty ones of their own. Hyorin answered, “I like guys who blend in the crowd like Kang Dongwon,” and Bora replied, “I like plain guys like Song Joong Ki“. Soyu also added, “I like the boy-next-door type like Gong Yoo“.

DJ Choi Hwa Jung commented, “You guys have such low standards, don’t you think?,” playing along with their hilarious antics.

The youngest member, Dasom, also introduced the members’ individual charms. “Soyu has the nicest butt, and Bora has a stunning bodyline. But Hyorin has the prettiest molar out of any Korean celebrity,” causing the listeners to howl with laughter.

Source & Photo: Mydaily via Naver