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Sistar’s Bora reveals, “So ‘Alone’ on Black Day…”

Sistar’s Bora expressed her loneliness on Black Day.

On April 14 on Sistar’s official Twitter, Bora uploaded a picture and tweeted, “Today’s Black Day. Bora is also ‘Alone.’”

She looks gloomy in front of the mirror. Especially on Black Day, which is a day for the soloes who could not enjoy Valentine & White Day, The title of Sistar’s new song “Alone” arouses sympathy from the lonely soloes.

Netizens responded: “Bora’s so cute.” “I’m going to listen to the song “Alone” by myself in a day like this.” “The release of the new song has the perfect timing.”

Currently, Sistar has many activities after their release of their new song “Alone.”