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Jessica Jung, the modern day Picasso


In the November 12th episode of Star King, a wooden doll ‘Kkeo-Beong-i’, a nerdy boy in a famous children comic in Korea, drew a fine portrait of Sunny.


Refusing to admit defeat to a doll, Jessica challenged the doll through a drawing competition.

While Jessica was drawing her “masterpiece”, Sunny looked at her with a cute expression. However, Jessica produced an abstract and weird-looking portrait, which causes the studio to explode in laughter.

In response to that, Jessica said regretfully, “I’m sorry, Sunny-ya. I always scored zero for arts.”

As shown in the photo above, the portrait drawn by Jessica looked like a ridiculous yet funny comic character with big nose and nostrils, thick lips and sharp-pointed hands.

In response to this, netizens commented, “There’s a reason for everything”, “What is this? It’s really funny”, “Jessica and Sunny are both cute”, etc.


YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


Credit: reviewstar.hankooki.com + CarrotShowNew@youtube.com
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com