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Popularity of The boys in the French market!!!

On the 13th this month Girls Generation’s album [The Boys] was released on the world’s market. It has been a week since it has came out and it was ranked 19th in the largest Record chain in France [Fnac] in the Pop Rock category. Girls Generation is attacking the French charts!!! It was not ranked in the top 100 in the general chart, but that is because this is the first time that Korean artist receive a result in France. Korean artists have never been officially introduced to the French market. Many French people that were involved with the K-POP Concerts in France think that it is a wonderful thing that K-POP was introduced to France. There were many people that stated that this was a good opportunity for K-POP to grow in Europe. SM Entertainment announced that they are not planning to have sudden events in Europe or in the U.S. , but they will be planning on that soon. Girls Generation made history!!!