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Paparazzi photos of SNSD, “Invasion of privacy”

Paparazzi photos of SNSD were recently released and stirred up a lot of controversy.

‘Face Magazine’ from Hong Kong reported on SNSD with their paparazzi photos, which were taken on the plane, with the title, “Report on free-spirited SNSD on the plane.”

An online community posted the pictures from the magazine. In the pictures, SNSD members are resting on the plane. Some are sleeping and some are having a conversation.

People who saw the pictures said that the paparazzi photos are too much. Japanese newsweekly ‘Flash’ also posted pictures of SNSD going into a ramen restaurant in Japan in 2011.

‘Face Magazine’ explained that the pictures were taken on the plane in the business class but they didn’t say how or when they got the pictures.