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‘SNSD and Dangerous Boys’ Seohyun says, “You can’t live like this”

“You can’t live like this.” (Seohyun)

“You have to keep your promises, not just try to keep them.” (Tiffany)

SNSD members are doing a good job as mentors.

They are appearing on JTBC’s SNSD and Dangerous Boys with the five dangerous boys. SNSD members advise the boys sometimes as strict teachers and sometimes as sweet sisters.

Even though they are keeping busy singing and acting in a TV series and musicals, they are taking good care of the boys and showing the world the boys have a different side.

The viewers gave each SNSD member several nicknames including, ‘Sudden Temper Seohyun,’ ‘Mother Taeyeon,’ and ‘Strict Tiffany.’

Even though SNSD members are busy with their schedules, they have remained in constant contact with the boys, even when they are not shooting the show. They are showing their hearty affection towards the boys. Taeyeon’s sweet text messages were released on the show and made people envy the boy.

SNSD’s sincere care moved the boys’ hearts. SNSD members are not shooting the show just as a TV show but as real mentors for the boys.

The show airs every Suday at 7:30 p.m.