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SNSD meet the dangerous boys and Seohyun gets angry

SNSD met the dangerous boys for the first time.

On December 16, jTBC introduced its new program, SNSD and Dangerous Boys, which will start air on December 18. SNSD and Dangerous Boys is a TV program that SNSD members become mentors of five boys to change them.

It has been reported that SNSD members were very surprised by the five boys’ rough life before they met. Also, the five boys showed various responses when they met SNSD because they didn’t know SNSD were their mentors.

One of the boys surprised Yoona by asking a mischievous question, and Yuri didn’t know what to do because of her mentee’s cold eyes. Seohyun, who is nicknamed as “good girl,” got angry when she met the boys.

Seohyun kept having a stern look while watching the boys’ daily life through a monitor. She expressed her sad feelings about the boys, saying, “I think the boys are living without any thoughts or dreams.”

As one of the boys kept insincerely responding, “No, I don’t,” when he was asked about his dream or future plan, Seohyun eventually got angry, saying, “You can’t live like this,” and surprised others.

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