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SNSD Yoona’s bony thighs captured in New York

A picture of SNSD Yoona’s bony thighs attracts attention.

On February 7, a picture titled ‘Yoona also popular in New York, wow’ was uploaded at an online community board. This picture was taken when Yoona went shopping after the autograph session that was held in New York.

Yoona looks mature with her long hair and clothes. Her thin legs stood out because she wore short pants.

Netizens commented: “Bony thighs.” “She should gain some weight.” “Did she get thinner because of the activities in America?” “Yoona is so pretty, but her legs are so thin.” “Her beauty stands out even in New York.” “I think she’ll look prettier if she gains some weight.”

SNSD appeared on CBS TV’s David Letterman Show, and Live! With Kelly, few of the America’s most popular program, and also appeared on French talk show, Le Grand Journal.