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SNSD’s Jessica loves the left side of her face

SNSD’s Jessica proved that she loves the left side of her face..

On January 27, an online community posted several pictures with the caption, “Jessica showcases the left side of her face throughout a TV series.”

The pictures were captured images from KBS’s series Wild Romance. In the pictures, Jessica is posing like she only wants to show the left side of her face to the camera.

A person who posted the pictures said, “I saw Jessica’s right side a few time in the series but most of the time she shows her left side.”

Jessica is known for preferring her left side, because she thinks she has a different look between her left and right sides. She has been trying hard to show her good side more on TV.

People responded: “I think the person only captured the pictures of Jessica’s left side on purpose.” “I want to see the right side of your face!” “I think Jessica is very skinny in real life.” “An actress has to look beautiful on both their right and left sides.” “She is cute.” “All entertainers do that, don’t they?”