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SNSD’s Taeyeon takes a self portrait, “She looks like a pretty boy”

SNSD’s Taeyeon recently took a picture of herself.

Taeyeon changed her profile picture on her UFO Town account, one of her many social network services. In the picture, she looks like a pretty boy.

She is wearing a skeleton printed T-shirt and a cruciform necklace. Her black fedora complemented her boyish look.

She used to have plump cheeks but in the picture, she has hollow cheeks which made people worry about her.

People responded: “She is cute.” “She looks good in any style.” “She’s lost lots of weight in her cheeks.” “Her face keeps changing.” “She doesn’t have any defects.” “She looks better here than when she was in a lingerie look.”

Taeyeon previously drew a lot of attention by appearing at a SNSD’s exclusive concert, which was held on January 15 in Hong Kong, in a lingerie inspired outfit.