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The “dangerous boys” dance “The Boys” in SNSD And Dangerous Boys

“The dangerous boys” enter the world of dancing through SNSD’s “The Boys.”

In the episode of JTBC’s SNSD And Dangerous Boys that aired on December 18, SNSD gets a help from an expert in youth psychology then decides to give a common purpose to the boys: participating the Street Jam.

The boys have never challenged themselves to dance before, and they become quite shocked on the first day of shooting when they are informed that they were going to be at a dance contest.

SNSD runs a simple test to see the boys’ dancing skills, but the boys show pathetic moves, giving a foresight to a tough dancing training in near future.

Also, a mission was given to the boys: they have master the dance of SNSD’s “The Boys” before beginning an actual dance for the contest. By dancing their mentor SNSD’s dance, they will be evaluated of their potential in dancing.

In the episode, SNSD shows enthusiasm in teaching them the dance by making a surprise visit to their dormitory despite busy schedule. Whether the boys will complete their first mission or not will be revealed through the episode of JTBC’s SNSD And Dangerous Boys on December 25 at 7:30 p.m.

The Street Jam, in which the boys are planned to participate, is a dance contest where the best dancers in Korea appear. It will be held on February 5 next year.