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The couple Lee Dong Wook and SNSD’s Jessica takes a picture together

Recently, actor Lee Dong Wook and SNSD’s Jessica are seen posing friendly.

GNG Production of KBS 2’s drama series Wild Romance released a picture of the couple Lee Dong Wook and Jessica on January 26.

Lee and Jessica appear as Park Moo Yul and his ex-girlfriend, Kang Jong Hee, in the series. The picture was taken when they reenacted a scene in which they once were a happy couple in the past. They feature a look of a lovely couple; Moo Yul is making a happy, innocent look unlike his crooked face at the present. Jong Hee is also making a bright smile in a red coat.

In the episode that airs on January 26, tensions will increase as it reveals the real stalker of Moo Yul and Moo Yul put in a situation that forces him to stop playing baseball.