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Lights and Shadows: Chae Young says, “I won’t let him go”

Chae Young started showing romantic obsession toward Ki Tae.

On the episode of MBC’s Monday-Tuesday series Lights and Shadows (written by Choi Wan Gyu and produced by Lee Ju Hwan and Lee Sang Yup) that aired on January 24, Yoo Chae Young (Yoo Chae Young) is portrayed proposing to Kang Ki Tae (Ahn Jae Wook).

Chae Young says, “I’ve given up so many things when I decided to move to the Shiny World. I’ve paid all the cancellation charge concerning dozens of commercials and business contracts. That’ll be more than ten thousands won,” which makes Soon Ae speechless.

Whens Soon Ae says that was a lot of money to give up, Chae Young replies, “I think I can make money, but I won’t let him go. What’s more, I can’t see Jung Hae hit it off with Ki Tae.”

Chae Young finally fesses up her heart to him, but Ki Tae courteously denies her.