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On ‘Light and Shadow’ Son Dam Bi returns in refined clothes

In MBC’s series Light and Shadow, Son Dam Bi, who plays the role of a singer named Yoo Chae Young, will return. She sincerely loved Ahn Jae Wook and was consumed with hot and cold desires.

In the 36th episode of the series, which aired on March 27, Son didn’t appear in a single scene and made the audience curious. She will appear in the 37th episode, which will air on April 2.

The series informed the audience that Son is wandering through foreign countries but people were unable to see her after 4 years have been passed in the series. Like other characters, many people are waiting in eager anticipation to see how Son’s character has changed.

Son has been loving Ahn in her own way and showing off a charismatic, yet devoted side, which is opposite to Nam Sang Mi, who plays the role of Jung Hye.

A spokesperson for the series says, “I heard that many people are wondering about Son’s character. She will secretly appear on the series with refined look. She will help Ahn in many ways so please keep an eye on her character and support her.”

The series has become more enjoyable and exciting with Ahn’s return. Since Son will also return to the series, people are paying a lot of attention to see the 37th episode, which will air on April 2 at 9:55 p.m.