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Son Dam Bi at Shin Ae’s birthday party: Beauties without makeup!

Son Dam Bi recently released a picture taken at Shin Ae’s birthday party. Shin Ae recently gave a birth to a baby.

On March 14, Son uploaded a picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “Shin Ae, happy birthday. Kyung Eun is isolated. No boys at this party.”

In the picture, Son Dam Bi and Shin Ae are staring at the birthday cake, cupping their chins in their hands. The picture is especially attracting many people’s attention as Son and Shin Ae are wearing no makeup. Shin Ae recently gave a birth to a baby, but her beautiful look hasn’t changed.

People responded: “It looks like they’ve been keeping their friendship since they appeared on We Got Married together!” “Many beautiful girls get along with other beautiful girls. I guess people who share common things easily get along,” “Their skins are so clean!” “Shin Ae doesn’t look like a mother of a baby. People will believe even though she says she’s a single.”

Son and Shin Ae once appeared on MBC TV’s We God Married together.