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Son Dam Bi shows off her hip-hop fashion: “Looks like it’s summer already!”

Recently, singer Son Dam Bi has revealed a self-portrait.

On April 16, Son tweeted a picture and commented, “A gathering with the cast and staff of Light and Shadow~ The weather’s great, so is my condition.”

In the picture, Son is wearing an outfit printed in a distinctive, strong pattern. She sports a freewheeling image by slightly tilting her cap sideways. Her beauty seems to shine even more under the bright sunshine.

Netizens who saw Son’s picture commented: “Pretty!” “Did you have dinner with Light and Shadow cast in that hip-hop outfit?” “You look good in that freewheeling style!” “You should be heading to a club.” “Looks like summer clothes~” “The picture gives me a refreshing feeling.” “Looks gorgeous.” “Her beauty shines.”

Son currently plays the charismatic female boss Yoo Chae Young in the TV series Light and Shadow.