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Son Dam Bi will turn into a villain, “This is not all”

Son Dam Bi will turn into a villain in a TV series.

All the actors who play villains in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday series Light and Shadow, are ready to make the series more enjoyable.

On December 31, the actors gathered to shoot a scene for the series in Suwon. In the scene, Cho Myeong Gook (played by Lee Jong Won) celebrates opening his movie company. Over 200 assistant actors appeared in the scene as well.

Kim Ki Tae (played by Ahn Jae Wook) shook Jang Chul Hwan (played by Jeon Kwang Ryeol)’s hand and stared at each other. Jeon said, “Passionate Kim and rational Jang are the motive behind their developments. Please pay attention to their conflicts.”

No Sang Taek (played by Ahn Gil Gang) and Yang Tae Sung (played by Kim Hee Won), will do anything to succeed, and are playing villains with great sense of humors. They are indispensable men in the series.

Yang recently revealed Ki Tae’s secret to his family. Hee Won said, “Yang is like a bat which only follows its own benefits. This kind of person usually succeed first and takes the advantages in life. I will do my best to portray that kind of person in the series.”

The most anticipated plot in the series is when Cha Soo Hyuk (played by Lee Pil Mo) and Yoo Chae Young (played by Son Dam Bi) turn into villains. They said, “The two characters will choose to go bad in order to overcome a sense of inferiority or to have the person who they love.”

Son said, “Yoo will show a different side in the series.” Lee said, “Cha will have a compromising attitude towards his ambition.”

The series is ready to feature Korea’s pop culture through attractive characters dealing with their desires.