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Why are people so interested in Light And Shadow?

MBC’s drama series Light And Shadow is receiving positive feedback although it’s attracting the least viewing audience among three main broadcasting channels.

Light And Shadow premiered on November 28 and achieved 9.5% of the viewing audience according to AGB Nielson Media Research. Its second episode achieved 9.8% and it decreased to 9.0% on the third one. However, its fourth episode that aired on the 6th of December achieved 10.5%, making the percentage a two-digit number.

The main reason of the increase is because the series explains how the show-business works in an easy way so that people of all ages and sex can understand it. When the show business was not as systematic in the 1970s, Kang Ki Tae (played by An Jae Wook) consistently works on standing on his own, after being cheated on several times. On the other hand, Senate Jang Chul Hwan (played by Jun Kwang Ryul) takes every measure to give him a hard time, making a clear contrast just like its title, Light and Shadow.

Bell-bottoms and colorful shirts that the characters wear make the middle age viewers have a sense of nostalgia and other costumes of old days in natural color add more fun to the series.

However, not all scenes are bright and cheerful. Back in the 70s when there were ideological conflicts, the ‘Japanese redhead’ controversy could ruin many families at once. In the times of Light and Shadow, those conflicts show flaws of Korean modernism and explain the development of show business which consoled the situation.

In the episode of Light And Shadow that airs on December 12, Kang falls in the trick of Jang and finds himself in a downfall. Kang decides to devote his life in show business after having a successful performance for Chuseok. Jang accuses Kang as a Japanese redhead with the origin of Kang’s father as an excuse and make him suffer a major setback and motivates him to get back up again.

Expectations are on the rise as to how Kang will change the shadow that is cast upon his life into light.