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Song Hye Kyo accuses 41 netizens, “Malicious defamation cannot be taken”


Actress Song Hye Kyo announced her position on accusing 41 netizens who maliciously spread false information about her.

On February 24, Song’s attorney, said, “Song accused 41 netizens, who maliciously spread false information about her, at Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office on February 16. They have been accused of seriously and constantly damaging Song’s reputation by spreading false information about Song online that someone’s sponsoring her.”

The attorney also said, “Song knew that such false information was spreading online but didn’t respond to it, considering the fact that it often happened online. She’s wished that the netizens to stop spreading it. However, she couldn’t take some netizens’ malicious actions anymore as an actress, so she unfortunately had to take legal action.”

He also added, “Despite the inevitable action, Song supports people expressing their opinions and sharing their thoughts online. We produced all materials related to this case in evidence, and we are expecting a quick and accurate investigation and a corresponding penalty for the wrong they did.”