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Song Hye Kyo and John Park’s duet song? A teaser on YouTube

Actress Song Hye Kyo and singer John Park have recently met.

A video under the title of “Is Song Hye Kyo debuting as a singer? What’s the name of the duet song of Song and John Park?” has recently been uploaded on YouTube.

The video starts with Song saying, “I want to sing. Oh, I’m nervous.” She soon sees a note sent by someone and says, “John Park?” with a smiling face. Park also gets a phone call from someone and says, “Song Hye Kyo? Oh, my god,” with a smiling face. From this video, it’s been tipped that Song and Park are going to release a duet song.

At the end of the video, a message that says, “Song Hye Kyo debuts on March 8, 2012,” pops up, increasing the viewers expectations.

People responded: “Song Hye Kyo even sings well?” “I’m so excited,” “Oh, my god, seriously.”

YouTube Preview Image