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[Fan Account] Meeting SONG JOONG KI


So guess what I did today?

I saw SONG JOONG KI and got his autograph.. no biggie!

So i found out that Song Joong Ki was in Melbourne filming a Sprite CF, and I figured that HAD to see him. I feel bad for skipping church today to see him.. but when else would i be able to see this guy!?

So as i was driving into the city with my little brother, we were both expressing how nervous we were! It was ridiculous; what made it worse was that we weren’t 100% sure we’d know where he was; i heard he was at Crown the day before, but didn’t know if he’d be filming there today.

So we kept walking, and FINALLY saw the film crew..


After a few shifty walks back and forth, we finally spotted him sitting down near the steps towards the back..

Pictures and videos weren’t really allowed, but had to pull this sneaky.. pics, or it didn’t happen, right?? hehe
(btw, it totes looks like we’re wearing couple tees… XD .. well i think so anyway ^^”)
So we greeted him an ‘annyeonghaseyo’, and asked how he was, then proceeded to ask for his autograph.
He was SUCH a sweetie! And felt really apologetic that he couldn’t take pictures with us~

He had the best skin. Oh em gee. His skin was soooo smooth looking, and he was really white! And I even saw the birth mark on his left arm ^^
Not that i wanted to look there, but the V neck he wore just begged me to.. but he really has a smooth chest.. no hair at all.. hahaha

YAYYYYY! <3 <3
We left after saying a ‘kamsahamnida!’ and a simultaneous bow; and sent us off with his oh so dashing smile~

We walked away, then obviously proceeded with the fangirling.
It was a pretty hot day today.. actually scratch that. it was a really hot day today, and joong ki was very professional throughout the filming..

He sent a few smiles my way when he saw my banner ^^

What a great day!
He just made me love him even more~



FULL CREDIT and source : Ethel Joy ~ http://etheljoyyy.tumblr.com/day/2012/01/22