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[NEWS] Song Joong Ki comments on his “flower boy” nickname


While many artistes in the industry can’t wait to steer away from a stereotyped image, Joong Ki says it’s no biggie to be viewed as a ‘flower boy’ and attributed his popularity and jobs in showbiz to his good looks.

He explained, ‘I’m actually very thankful. To say that the pretty boy image did not add on to my stress will cause people to think that I’m proud. The image I have now will change in the future with my age so it’s not a big deal.’

As an artiste who once expressed his desire to cultivate his comedic skills through appearances in variety shows, fans of this sunshine boy take note. Joong Ki intends to return to variety shows though there are no concrete plans laid out right now.

On the interpersonal and comic timing skills he picked up from his short stints on such programmes, the young chap quipped, ‘I have a lot of respect for Running Man and the people in variety (shows) as I have learnt that it is really difficult to make things interesting and fun for the audience.’

‘I want to do more variety shows as well as try out being a radio deejay if there’s a chance,’ he revealed.

With a desire to ‘communicate with people through the radio’, Joong Ki added, ‘I like to listen to the radio and the radio seems to have a lot of charms to it. It is also something I have never tried before so I really want to give it a shot; it’s something that I really want to challenge myself with.’

Source : XinMSN