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[News] Song Joong Ki, Park Si Yeon Lie in a Grassy Field Together in ‘Nice Guy’ Still Cuts

New still cuts revealed by KBS for the upcoming drama Nice Guy, show Park Si Yeon and Song Joong Ki enjoying a sweet date on the grassy fields of their characters’ university campus.

Lying on the grass field with text books laid out, the two are seen happily studying together while enjoying the sun and each ot

her’s company.

As the show has revealed however, the sweet romantic storyline between the two will hit a major snag as Park Si Yeon’s Han Chae Hee character comes to betray Song Joong Ki’s Kang Maru, who has long loved and sacrificed for her.

The act sparks Song Joong Ki to undergo a personal transformation from a “nice” guy to a “bad” guy and exact his revenge by using another woman. How exactly the lovey-dovey campus couple goes from sweet to sour is piquing the curiosity of viewers as they wait for the drama’s airing.

Nice Guy will premiere in September, following the conclusion of Bridal Mask.

Photo credit: KBS
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