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Song Joong Ki shows his true self for “Allure”

Actor Song Joong Ki has taken off his traditional hanbok wear and has returned as a cold city man for beauty and life magazine, “Allure.”

His photo shoot for the issue features a variety of image concepts that stand in stark contrast against his usual “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” look. In the interview accompanying the photo shoot, he revealed some of his passion and future plans regarding his acting.

Regarding his different portrayal of the original character ‘Yeo Rim,’ he revealed, “The character seems sensitive but is actually quite fearless and bold. It wasn’t just enough to play the role of a player. I couldn’t do anything but try and try harder in order to give life to such a character. ‘Yeo Rim’ was the best character I’ve ever played, as it taught me a new taste of what acting is about.”

He also gave random tid-bits about his character, such as his fashionista ways, stating, “The cost of Yeo Rim’s one outfit is about the cost of every character on Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s outfit.

A staff on the set of his photo shoot commented, “Song Joong Ki’s variety in facial expressions captured the attention of the staffs on set. His serious and honest side definitely left the impression of an intelligent actor.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Photos: Allure