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Kim Kyu Jong: Support The Member is the Greatest Strength & Fans is the Precious Friends


The mini album ‘Turn Me On “Kim Kyu Jong, which was released on 27 September have been a first solo album. He started his solo debut with the hits ‘Yesterday’. After the release of ‘Destination’ SS501 in May last year, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Kyu Jong started direct their solo debut.

“In the end, I was the last member. Is an extraordinary feeling to see each member started their solo activities, and they are currently stopped after making an album. It makes me feel how precious our group activities “. Although they have gone to different agencies, but the relationship between member SS501 is still strong as before. Support the member to be a great strength for Kyu Jong to begin his solo debut.

“Hyung Jun and Hyun Joong-hyung carefully monitor my song. Saeng-hyung who is in the same agency with me, doing rap for the song ‘My Love’ which is one of my songs in this album. Jung Min is currently located in Taiwan, so I can not ask for and listen to my songs, but I believe he will support me. They were all nervous because I said that would be difficult to do alone, but of course they are concerned that the karenakan me “.

“It would be unusual if all the members came to comfort me in the lounge.” Kyu Jong said. The song “Yesterday” as they sing a dance song but has a sad melody. The song was made by Han Sang Won composer. He gave much attention to dress right for cinema Kyu Jong and choreography.

Our conversation continues with Kim Kyu Jong natural. He did not hide the fact that he hoped the SS501 member can complete their solo activities, respectively, and have the desire (in groups) to start activities in the group next year. More than all this. biggest desire that is the fans that support will remain unchanged and continue to support it when he started his solo activities.

“The fans are my friends is the most valuable where they are and I can share precious memories. When we look back, I hope we left there precious memories that make us proud. To do that, I want to show ourselves (SS501) at the latest on the best next year. All other members are also thinking the same thing. ”

credit : 1 billion Triples to SS501 FB