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F(x)’s Luna and SS501’s Kyu Jong seem made for each other

On February 2, the production agency of Saving Mrs. Go Bong Sil revealed photos of f(x)’s Luna and SS501’s Kyu Jong wearing bright smiles and making the V sign with their fingers. They look like a real romantic couple in the photos.

On the 14th episode of the drama series, the spoiled girl In Young, played by Luna, went on a “hamburger date” with a coldhearted but good-looking guy named Ni Ki, played by Kyu Jong, raising expectations among viewers about their romantic relationship. That’s why the photos which offer the peek into the amicable atmosphere of the set caught the focus of viewers’ attention.

Unlike the characters in the series, who never meet without quarrelling, the two seem to actually have a congenial relationship on the set as the photos prove.

In an interview, Luna said, “There recently are many scenes in which both I and Kyu Jong are involved as our romantic relationship develops. Creating cheerful scenes with him is a very interesting job. I hope viewers also enjoy watching our scenes. Please keep your interest in us and support for us and our drama series.”

Kyu Jong says, “It’s a great pleasure to play in the same series with Luna. Despite her youth, she is doing her utmost to create her character in a professional manner.”