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Kim Hyung Jun says “Happy Birthday my love”

Singapore – Kim Hyung Jun just tweeted on twitter, saying “happy birthday , happy birthday to my love! ” Are you curious about the identity of Hyung Jun’s lover? So, continue reading to find out more! the tweet is followed with “happy birthday to choco!24th of April is choco’s birthday, im now on tour in Osaka, i am in a good mood, happy birthday my love – choco” .

Well, to his fans, you probably wont be suprised at this tweet after finding out that it is ‘choco’ he was referring to. ‘Choco’ is Hyung Jun’s puppy, he is known as a very loving owner of ‘choco’ . He followed up with another photo on twitter, showing the cute ‘choco’ .

Source : Kim Hyung Jun’s twitter
Written by babyvfan / Associate Writer