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Singer and actor Kim Hyung Jun’s stunning, haute look makes netizens swoon

The lead actor of SBS Plus’s new Monday-Tuesday series I Love You, Kim Hyung Jun, is in the limelight for his radiant look. The series is slated to air its first episode on April 16 at 9:00 p.m.

Singer and actor Kim plays the role of Jung Min Chae, a genius programmer, who is currently fulfilling his civil service (substituting mandatory military service). Netizens say that Kim’s superior, haute look match perfectly a luxury convertible car.

In the scene, Jung Min Chae shows up while riding a before Kim Yun Ah, played by Kim Yoon Seo, who is hailing a cab in a flurry. Unlike the rider look, Kim’s all-black, posh style catches female fans’ eyes.

Netizens responded: “I love his chic, posh style. His superior look makes me look forward to I Love You.” “Kim looks fabulous in a suit. His stunning look doesn’t seem to be overshadowed by an expensive convertible car.” “He looks royal.” “He’s freaking sexy.”