• finafaustina posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    I’ve been watching the avegers …
    it’s a great movie … who’s been watching the avengers?

    • it’s funny because in my city, a theatre put on a marathon of all the movies leading up to the avengers.
      my brother says that he knows people who skipped school to watch all of them. they got in line in the evening and waited for the midnight showing to start. then they pretty much stayed in the theatre the whole day.

    • @jinni225 hahaha really? they come to that..
      hehe..how about you,whether whether you are watching?

    • yeah they watched it all. even though they saw those movies so many times before. they were still so excited to be at Marvel Movie marathon.

      i don’t think i will go see it in theatres. trying to save as much as money i can, especially for this month ^_~ JKS <3

    • @jinni225 you save money for what? for watching a concert or for shopping….hehehe :D

    • to buy JKS merch, album, drama OST, etc. international shopping is not cheap. i don’t ever get one item at a time b/c then i’d have to pay for shipping. i get free shipping if i spend a certain amount. so i have to save up.