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facts about YESUNG

-His favorite season is autumn
.-He had his first kiss when he was in  2nd Year High School.
-He would like to go to Canada.
-His favorite color is red.
-He has small fingers.
-His stage name Yesung means ′Art of  Voice′.
-Yesung is one nail-biting habit
-Yesung has three tails turtle named: ttangkoma, ttangkko, and ttangkominh
-Yesung has a dog named kkoming
-Yesung sometimes behaves like a child
-Yesung hobby of collecting CDs and DVDs
-Yesung confessed that the best thing that ever happened in his life is to become amember of Super Junior-

-Yesung life motto is “Family is the most  important ‘
-The most valuable thing in life is family and Yesung Super Junior
-When it rains, Yesung turned into a melancholy
-Yesung had rushed to the hospital because of fainting after running 70 miles in amarathon event
-Yesung is the host of the radio program “Miracle”
-Incorporated into Yesung Super Junior, Super Junior KRY and Super Junior Happy