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Supernova featured on the last issue of VOGUE japan magazine for 2011

Farewell till tomorrow

The final: Supernova

The Korean group popular in Japan Supernova. Their leader has enlisted in the army last Oct.25. For the last issue for 2011 we will show you with the fashion shoot that has been done.Then the editor Miyoko Yodogawa’s opinion and

Supernova has caught the interest of VOGUE Japan and the editor Miyoko Yodogawa  who has been an editor in several fashion magazines. It was previously announced that the leader of Supernova will join the army by late October.

In mid September at Tokyo International forum in front of 5000 fans the announcement has been made.

Yunhak mentioned ” Ladies and gentlemen there is an important announcement ” then he began to talk in Japanese. He then requested the fans to cheer for him before the announcement has been made. He mentioned that being a citizen of Korea he is obliged to fulfill his duty for the military in approximately 2 years. Most of the fans were shocked and broke into tears.

For the nationwide tour this year they took time to gather at a studio in Tokyo for a photo shoot in-spite of having a busy schedule. The six good looking guys immediately showed up, an average height of 180 cm tall who has showed a great fashion sense and style. And they are surprisingly fluent in Japanese.

First to talk to us is Jihyuk , ” today we are doing a photoshoot that eversince I am a child I have dreamt of . ” He is known as the mood maker of the group showing a bright personality. Kwangsu known for having a love for fashion politely mentioned ” Thank you for giving us this opportunity.”
Supernova has debuted as a group in Japan in 2009 unlike other Korean groups they have concentrated their activities in Japan. Their respective leader Yunhak is known for speaking fluently in Japanese and has graduated in Aichi University. This has gained the interest of the public and soon they have guested on a number of TV shows and has been featured on numerous magazines. Their guesting on NHK show teaching hangul course has the most number of appearances compared to any artists nationwide.

But for sometime, Yunhak has to leave. The impact of this to the young idol group and  their scene to the Japanese pop culture is still unknown.

” To be honest, we do not know how to tell this to Yunhak when we first received the news” Their management has revealed.

” After consulting and talking to the members I have decided to give this announcement tonight, before it gets to the news tomorrow ” This announcement has made history in any presentation as no one has done this before.

The encore of the concert ” Kimidake wo zutto ” were the members has struggled to sing. Sungmo broke into tears when he saw a placard held by a fan ” we will be standing with Supernova “ and he felt so embarrassed to cry and turned his back.

Yunhak calmly mentioned ” We made our debut in Korea in 2007, but that was a failure “
“We do not know what will happen to us when we decided to have activities in Japan.” But due to their unique background and knowing that their leader has graduated from Aichi university this has surprised the people and they have gained interest in the group.

” I have always been glad to come to Japan. And in Japan each of us has made our dreams come true. It has also been our dream to be on Vogue. On Hey Hey Hey there was a song about our debut and how our dreams were answered I think Japan can make a good mother [ laughs ].

” The goal still remains quite unachieved “

However, during the interview the members has mentioned a common goal ” being number in the Oricon”. But we are anticipating this to be achieved soon.

” The difference is that in Korea we cannot have a luck compared with other while in Japan we have never failed.” The sweet looking Sung Je mentioned empathically.

In 2011 there are alot of idol groups in Korea making their way in Japan and even the Hallyu wave has been criticized.

Some artists sells alot eventhough they are not yet debuting in Japan.
While Supernova has to strive hard and ready to take the challenge.

” We had a taste of failure so we know how important the fans are. I always feel the important to get close to the fans when we do the live tour. This feeling of gratefulness I will never forget even when we are more popular now” – Yunhak mentioned.

So how do you look forward doing more in the future?

Kwangsu mentioned that he would like to set up a brand of clothing and interior designs.
Geonil said he would like manage a pasteur in New Zealand. And it has always been his great dream.

Meanwhile the other members would like to have an acting career. Sung Je mentioned ” I would like to become a better artist and go to an acting school were great actors went. ” Sung Mo is good in martial arts and dreams of becoming a known action star  in Asia. Jiyhuk who currently have a passion in reading would like to write a book someday maybe after the age of 50.

Yunhak has previously mentioned that he tried to approach a Music company in Japan. He came back and asked if he can tag along his fellow members of Supernova.

” It is here that the members has found their dreams to have came true. They have tried to coordinate with several media companies from Japan,Korea,China and other parts of Asia just to attain this goal. ”

Supernova, the origin of it’s name means that the cosmic explosion of a star that has created an extreme brightness. To overcome the explosion they have gone thru different challenges so the name suits them.

“We will always comeback to Japan, Please always wait “

And the thoughts of Miyoko Yodogawa about the Hallyu group Supernova:

In october 2010 the photobook ” Visual Collection, Supernova- a star message ” I was asked to edit the photos and that was my first encounter with them.

The book is for the first anniversary of Supernova in Japan. Despite the shoot at early morning in Hayama, everyone has worked hard.

However at that time Yunhak was the only one very fluent in Japanese.  It was quite hard to communicate. For example, in the middle of the shoot and if one of the members has to go to the rest room the crew just look at each other and laugh silently.
It was quite an awkward atmosphere at work.

But in less than a year they have improved their Japanese. Everyone has been amazed by their fluency during their interviews on TV programs and magazines. Especially Kwangsu, he knew a little Japanese before but now he speaks the language very well. Everyone has been pleased by their efforts.

Since then, the members have grown finding it fun learning to write and speak in Japanese. It would have been hard to do the VOGUE photoshoot and interview if it has been done back then when they were still struggling with the language.

In addition, Kwangsu and Yunhak has a blog in Japanese. Jihyuk and Geonil has started tweeting in Japanese as well. This attitude is always good for interaction with fans. They were also recognized for their kindness. This is a tool to use to make your fans feel important.

Previously they just do a show in small concert halls but now many fans attend and come to the venue when they do a show. It is also pleasant to perform in smaller venues as you get a chance to be closer to the fans.

“But that show in Tokyo International forum will never be forgotten. I have witnessed the very sad scene.

Supernova came to Japan with a lot of hopes and dreams, growing steadily step by step, just went to evolve, but goals are quite not yet achieved and this has made Yunhak very sad to leave.

“Yunhak, all the members and the fans are waiting for you to comeback in Japan as soon as possible.”

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