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Areum Instagram Update

You didn’t see it [from me]~~ Didn’t hear it from me either~~ Eiii~ [If that's the case] then there’s no such thing~~~ㅠ I’ll buy you a meal (?) so whoever has something to say, is it possible to please tell it to me directly…? I won’t… give any kind of explanations. Let’s just continue living our own busy lives and not meddle with other people’s concerns. Promise~~? ㅎ Oh and I have another thing to say… No matter what, people can and will think whatever they want to. But you can’t live a dream unless you start risking a few things, and that’s the Lee Areum that will rise [from now on]. From here on out, please don’t touch our CEO and anyone else from our company.

Cr: Areum’s Instagram + Elly (trans) + Diadem