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Regarding with the rice cake issue with Eunjung and Hwayoung.


TO ANTIS: get some knowledge b4 bashing eunjung n t-ara!

I (my friend) found these somewhere and it clearly explains why eunjung did that.

“Those people who are bashing Eunjung stuffing the rice cake into Hwayoung’s mouth need to realize that they were playing a batsu game (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batsu_game
…a game where at the end the winner must make the loser do something very unpleasant. Common punishments include getting slapped across the face, and the winner is supposed to take great joy in knowing that they don’t have to be on the receiving end of the punishment…which explains why Eunjung looked so smug, and why the punishment looked particularly cruel. Part of the fun is watching the loser’s reactions to the punishment in question.”

I just hope they stop bashing eunjung and t-ara, these young girls also have their lives ruined because of this issue not only hwayoung.
Batsu game – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Batsu game (罰ゲーム, batsu gēmu), meaning “penalty game”, is a common element in Japanese owarai stage comedy and variety shows. The name comes from batsu (罰, batsu), meaning both “punishment” and “X”, as



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credits to Ham Eunjung Facebook Page