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T-ARA Eunjung, “I Didn’t Want to be Confined to My ‘Idol’ Title so I Worked Harder”

T-ARA Eunjung shares about her experience in acting.



On the 11th on KBS2 “Star Life Drama,” Eunjung was seen on her campus.

She was at her school to support her fellow theater major friends’ performance. Eunjung is at present enrolled at Dong Kook University. She was seen struggling up the steep hill to school. Once she arrived she couldn’t hold in her excitement to see her friends.

In this episode Eunjung shares how she got to pursue a career as a celebrity.

Eunjung shared, “I started acting when I was a little girl, and I had a lot of fun. This is all I knew how to do.”

She continued, “I was a little anxious because I felt like people would look at my acting through a different lens just because I’m an idol.” Eunjung poured out her worries about stepping into acting.

“That’s why I wanted to try harder so I could be even better,” said Eunjung. The show highlighted her passion for acting.




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