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Mnet Media is not concerned about the T-ara plastic surgery statement

Mnet Media has spoken up and revealed that they’re not very concerned about the controversy surrounding a statement Senator Ahn Sang Soo had made regarding T-ara and plastic surgery.

Earlier, netizens began speculating about how the cancellation of a “T-ara’s Dream Girls” episode was likely associated with the senator’s comment.

Previously, the senator made the statement, “The group’s name is T-ara? Is T-ara famous? I can’t tell their faces apart. Does everyone these days get plastic surgery for the whole body? These days it’s not plastic surgery just for the face, but they do it everywhere.”

On December 24th, representatives of T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, spoke with Star News and revealed, “There is no confirmation as to whether he was regarding T-ara, and since he spoke out on something that is his own opinion, we are not too concerned with the matter.

Mnet Media is of the same opinion. An Mnet representative stated, “The cancellation of the December 22nd episode was because there wasn’t enough time to edit.  We’ll be releasing the episode next week.”

Source: Star News via Nate