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Soyeon is actually born in 1978…?

[11.04.08] Soyeon is actually born in 1978…?

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Doubts have surfaced over T-ara’s Soyeon’s actual age.

In the recent KBS’s 100 Points out of 100, in the segment where they have to guess the name of the song after listening to a short verse, Soyeon immediately guessed Kim Ji Ae’s “Nasty(Horrid) Man” correctly.

The older artiste who were on the same episode pointed out that “Soyeon was only 3 years old when “Nasty (Horrid) Man” was released, so how did she know this song?” causing doubts over her age to surface.

Some then said that “Maybe she is born in 1978 and not 1987?”, “Show us your identification”, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Soyeon also revealed in past episodes that she can do first generation idol Yang Su Gyeong’s dance at the age of 6,which also caused many to start doubting her real age.

This episode will be aired on the 9th.

Source: http://news.nate.com…/20110408n13859
Translated by: xxxiang@diadem
Written by: 김동주