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T-ara’s Soyeon, don’t ever take off your high heels!

A pair of sneaker and high heels cause an optical illusion to T-ara’ Soyeon; her body figure looks different depending on what she wears on foot.

On January 25, some pictures were posted on an online community board with the comment “Soyeon took off her heels, but she should never wear sneakers.”

The netizen, who uploaded the posting, dramatically emphasized on Soyeon’s different looking figures in sneakers and high heels.

Recently, T-ara gives performances of “Lovey Dovey” and they appear in comfortable, but fashionable costumes on stage. However, their thick leggings and sneakers which come up to their ankles make Soyeon’s legs look short and thick.

However, Soyeon shows off her slim, long legs in other pictures in which she is wearing high heels on stage and formal meetings.

In short, her figure looks different according to what she wears on foot. The netizen added, “Because she used to wear high heels all the time, her short height is exposed as she wears sneakers. Now I see why girl ‘idols’ wear high heels,” inspiring laughter.

Netizens who saw the posting comment: “Despite all that, she still looks pretty.” “Soyeon looks much smaller than Boram, another member of T-ara. I suppose Boram is smaller than her?” “She might have gained some weight recently.” “Of course, that kind of costume makes her look smaller. Duh.” “She looks just fine.” “I hear that those sneakers have some hidden heels.” “Heels are great inventions.”