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T-ara becomes the first idol group to endorse ‘Himart’

T-ara has been selected to be the first ever idol group to endorse ‘Himart‘!

On September 14th, Core Contents Media revealed, “T-ara will be parodying Nam Jin‘s ‘With You’ with Himart’s current model, actor Yoon Sang Hyun.  Himart has always chosen the most popular stars for their endorsements, and this time they’ve chosen T-ara (their first ever idol group models), thanks to their ‘Roly-Poly‘ popularity this summer.”

Representatives of Himart added, “We’ve always only ever brought on actors with friendly images in order to appeal to our older consumer base.  This time, through T-ara, we hope to appeal to a wider variety from teens all the way to those in their 60′s.”

Source + Photos: Sports Kyunghyang via Naver