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T-ara is busy hiding ingredients and secretly eating

T-ara, who is currently appearing on SBS E!’s T-ara’s Flower Boys, where they choose the best cook for a covered cart bar, proved that they love food.

In the February 4 episode of the show, each T-ara member prepared for the cooking contest with each flower boy. T-ara, who are well known food lovers, focused more on tasting than cooking.

Boram, who is a good swordsman, was busy eating food that she messed up. Other members believed that she messed up the food on purpose so that she could eat it. Hwayoung, who tried to make a fusion dish, secretly ate ingredients while the chef was cooking. Qri, who cooked Korean food, was busy hiding the ingredients because other members were coming over to eat thanks to the smell of meat.

The seventh episode of the show, in which T-ara members will choose the best flower boy chef, will air on February 4 at 11:00 p.m.