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T-ara’s Soyeon frankly confesses, “I have had many crushes.”

Girl group T-ara’s leader Soyeon revealed her experience of having a crush.

Soyeon was asked if she ever had a crush on someone at the press conference of musical Roly Poly that was held on January 4 at 2:00 p.m. She frankly confessed, “I actually had a crush on many people. Guys from church, academy, and classmates.”

She defines her many experiences as ‘sad.’ She asked back, “I can keep it as a remembrance, but isn’t it good to love together rather than one-sided?”

Roly Poly is a musical from T-ara’s hit song which brought back the retro-style that Kim Gwang Soo, the representative of T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media, took a part in the producing.

Soyeon said, “We’re very grateful for all the love we received with our song, and we are honored at the fact that the song is made into a musical. We feel responsible to work harder.”

When asked about acting in a musical she answered determinedly, “I majored in the department of theater and film when I was in high school. I always had interest in musical because I really loved to sing. I longed to play a role in the musical one day, and the dream came true. I’m afraid that I will make a lot of mistakes, but I’ll try my best.”

Soyeon plays the role of young Hyun Joo who dreams of being a singer. Hyun Joo was raised in prosperous circumstances because she is a member of Roly Poly Sisters and a daughter of a the owner of a nightclub. However, she is arrogant and stubborn because she was raised by many step-moms due to her father being a womanizer. In the musical, she loves the young Young Min(played by Lee Jang Woo, Run, Seo Ji Hoon)

Besides Soyeon, T-ara’s Jiyeon and Hyomin will also act in musical Roly Poly that depicts the story of love and friendship between the seven princesses. The opening of the musical will be held at Sung-nam Art Center’s Opera House on January 13, and will be perform until February 25.